Porcelain Slab Louisiana: Explore the Finest Options

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Anyone looking for the best porcelain slab Louisiana has to offer would be wise to shop at the finest air-conditioned stone warehouse in the area. Beautiful pieces of stone from the most reputable and consistently reliable Italian brands like Ariostea are among the most sought after surfacing materials in the industry and they can only be found at the most well-stocked stone yards.

If you’re looking for something with unmatched durability, but with attributes comparable to porcelain, sintered stone is an excellent choice. Leaders in the industry, like Lapitec, have offerings that are similar in look to other natural stone options, but that are far more resistant to scratches, stains and cracks.

Sintered stone and porcelain slab are commodities that are quickly growing in popularity. If you’re hunting for the perfect countertop for your home renovation, take advantage of the biggest indoor natural stone warehouse in Louisiana. You’ll be amazed by the sheer volume of unique and beautiful pieces on display and you’ll most certainly uncover the best porcelain slab Louisiana has available.
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When it comes to the finest porcelain slab Louisiana has to offer, you’ll find two standout brands. Both are Italian made stone surfacing materials that are notably regarded as the finest in the industry. Ariostea and Lapitec both offer manufactured stone slabs ideally suited for use in any home.


The stone slabs offered by Ariostea provide homeowners with a premium surfacing material that is as warm as natural stone, but far more consistent and durable in design. The compact and homogeneous makeup of the slabs make them durable enough for use both inside the home as flooring, walls and countertops and outdoors as a paving stone and home cladding option. These are porcelain slabs taken to the next level.


The sintered stone products created by Lapitec are unmatched in the industry. They’re made with only highly refined natural stone, heat and pressure. There are no glues or resins used, which makes for a more natural product. The one-hundred percent mineral ingredients are heated to well over two-thousand degrees and compacted with approximately five-thousand pounds per square inch of force. The result is a product with the look of natural stone, but far more durable and significantly more cost effective.
Acquiring the best porcelain slab Louisiana natural stone retailers have in store starts with a trip to the most reputable and well stocked stone slab purveyor in the area. Take advantage of the only fifteen-thousand square foot fully air-conditioned warehouse in the state able to supply both Ariostea and Lapitec products. It’s a trip that will lead to the perfect porcelain slab for your unique living space.